Minnesotans take such good care of their toys, buying a used travel trailer can be a really smart investment but here are a few tips to help you find a great deal on one:

  1. Records- Any responsible owner will have kept the records of maintenance on their unit. If the regular maintenance has been performed you can bet that the unit it in good condition.
  2. Check for water damage- Water damage can lead to worse problems down the road, and it is expensive to repair. Open every cabinet, push up on the ceiling and check all walls for soft spots, water marks, dry rot, mold or discoloration. Also check the outside sidewalls for delamination like waves, bubbles or cracks in the exterior or interior walls. This is a sign of water intrusion.
  3. Tires and frame- Get under the trailer and look at the frame. Too much rust is a bad sign, look to see if all the metal parts of the frame are in good condition. The tires on a trailer should be replaced every 5 years. With cars we drive everyday it is easy to tell that the tread is wearing out. Typically trailer tires don’t see as many miles so it’s good to make sure they are 5 years old or less. If you look at the tire and see the letters “DOT” there are 4 numbers after that. The first two are the week in the year, and the second two represent the year. For example: 4812 means the tires were made in the 48th week of the year 2012.

Happy Camping!

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