Have you tried Telematics ?

Have you tried Telematics ? Most of our insurance carriers have a telematics program and if you haven’t tried it, you might be leaving a big discount on the table! Insurance companies developed programs to track driving habits to find the safe drivers and charge them less for insurance. Things like fast acceleration, hard-braking, speed,…
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Renters Insurance

Why do I need a renter’s insurance policy? A lot of landlords are requiring renter’s insurance policies now, but even if they aren’t—if you rent you absolutely need one of these policies! Here are the top 3 reasons you should never be without renter’s insurance: Protect your possessions Your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your possessions…
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Do you need to call your insurance agent?

Do you have a home business? People make and sell things on Etsy, teach guitar lessons, babysit dogs at their house, or even meal prep for others. As soon as these side businesses start to earn an income it is time for business insurance! Imagine if the dog you are sitting bites the neighbor kid,…
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