Let’s talk about snowmobile safety! Last year was a little bit of a bust in the metro for snowmobiling but maybe if we talk about it, the big snow will come! Here are a few tips to stay safe this year:

  1. Just like boaters and aviators talk to your family about your “snow plan”. Describe your route and time of return so they know what to expect or where to look if you break down.
  2. Pack some safety equipment. Have a first aid kid, water, compass, map, a flashlight, and for most of us who will be crossing or riding on lakes-an ice pick on a cord.
  3. Go slower at night. Your snowmobile lights only show about 200 feet in front of you. If you are going over 40mph you don’t have enough time to react to unexpected obstacles.
  4. Use the buddy system. It is always best to have someone riding along with you, if you do go alone be sure to double the safety measures you take.

Here’s hoping that we get plenty of snow! Stay safe, and have a fun riding season!

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