Everyone there has provided great service any time I have needed or requested it. I have always felt you have my best interests in hand when searching for products for my insurance needs. Thank YOU.

Jerold F., customer since 2016

Amazing responsive and helpful team!

Ben L., customer since 2015

When we call, we're never put on hold or sent to voicemail, and regardless of who answers, they are always able to promptly help us. Excellent service!

Ryan S., customer since 2013

I love that someone always answers our calls and emails very quickly.

Customer since 2009

Doing a good job fast responses adequate details if there are questions

Steven D., customer since 2016

Always willing to help and finding better insurance rates!

Heather B., customer since 2005

Doug and his team have been amazing to work with. Doug is quick to respond to referrals I send him and he follows up with me on where he is in the process with that referral. Doug is great at educating his clients to fully understand what they currently have and what could make their coverage better. He is honest and trustworthy and is definitely a man of integrity! I, myself, currently use Doug and couldn't be happier with my coverage and his immediate response to my questions. I would highly recommend Doug and his team to anyone who needs insurance. Even if you have been with someone just because that is who your family uses. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you have the right coverage if catastrophe strikes! He gives it to you straight and follows through as you would expect!

Kim G., customer since 2018

Communication is always there - easy to reach - fast service - friendly.

Customer since 2017

Able to talk to you when I call. Quick response to questions and requests. Competitive pricing. Friendly service.

Steve S., customer since 2016

Cornerstone keeps us up to date and is sure to check in when coverage is about to expire. They easy to get ahold of and have an answer for everything.

Customer since 2016

Explained different options so I could understand and advised based on your knowledge of the insurance business.

James F., customer since 2017

You all offer just the right amount of communication. You don't flood the inbox, but will give an occasional helpful reminder when needed.

Customer since 2018

We have been clients of Cornerstone for a while now and our agent, Doug Panner, is extremely easy to work with and knowledgeable about the different companies they sell and was able to find us the best company, with the greatest value so we are getting the most for out dollars. His support in the office, Teresa O'Neill, we love. She is always prompt with responding to my endless questions to understand my coverage, billing or any programs that are offered. She is truly a pleasure to work with. Between product offerings, product knowledge and customer service, Cornerstone is who we refer our friends to and who we want to work with.

Matthew R., customer since 2017

I always get personalized service with Cornerstone. My coverage has always been great every time I've needed it. We have used Cornerstone for over 20 years and have never considered changing. Great staff. Great service. You can share. Just use my first name and last initial.

Steven H., customer since 1993

Smooth transition from Buhler Agency.

Customer since 2015

I like the Annual review without asking

Paul S., customer since 2003

Appreciate the understanding & kindness through recent mishaps!

Customer since 1998

We have been working with Cornerstone for several years now. We love the personal touch, no automated phone calls, or put on hold. They talk to you, listen to you and help you navigate lifes bumps. I HIGHLY recommend this company and staff, couldn't ask for better customer service in this age of the dollar. To Cornerstone, People Matter!

Lynne H., customer since 2015

The customer service is top notch! Keep up the excellent work.

John G., customer since 1996

You guys are always so willing to help! Nothing seems like too much trouble.

Joan J., customer since 2005

Very responsive to our requests and in a friendly and personal way.

James U., customer since 2002

We appreciate your evaluating our insurance yearly and making sure we are getting the best coverage!

Customer since 1999

Love how on top of everything you are. Quick responses, excellent at looking for better rates. Excellent comunication.

Customer since 2004

Cornerstone knows how I am, and by extension, what my needs are.

James B., customer since 2003

Immediate response, Always there when I call. taking the initiative to let me know that when we renewed with you, you reminded us that it was the best rates we could get.

Customer January 2019

Responsive to phone calls. Transition from Bueller agency went well.

Customer January 2019

Like how you shopped my policy when it was due for renewal. You saved me thousands a year.

Customer January 2019

Laura is great and always helpful. She knows all the answers to your questions!

Patti B. January 2019

There's a reason we've been a customer for over 20 years - Cornerstone has become our 'trusted advisor' for our home and auto insurance. Friendly personal service, excellent assistance with claims, and the comfort of knowing that we always have the best coverage for our needs.

Customer January 2019

We're thrilled to receive the necessary analysis needed to discern our insurance policy. Doug Panner did an outstanding job serving our family's needs. We are excited to partner with him and look forward to sending him new business in 2019! Thanks Doug!

Customer since 2017

Gave me all the necessary info after an auto accident.

John B., customer since 2017

Meeting at my place of business around my schedule and having the best rate for the coverage.

Sterling M., customer since 2016

Doug has helped us save money with auto,homeowners Insurance and has answer any questions we don't understand about our policy. Also very kind person

Timothy K., customer since 2016

Great crew!

David A., customer since 2005

Cornerstone helped make our move back to Minnesota a little bit easier with their excellent customer service and expertise. The last thing I wanted to worry about was insurance, and the team at Cornerstone took care of everything.

Customer since 2010

Laura and her team have been amazing to work with!! We would recommend them to anyone who is in the hunt for insurance.

Andy S., customer since 2017

Laura did a tremendous job walking us through all of our options for various insurances and found plans that match us well and will provide security for our future - thank you guys!

Jonathan E., customer since 2018

Teresa was extremely fast at getting back to our mortgage broker in time for our closing. She was also very quick to respond to any questions we had. She is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful throughout the entire process.

Jacob B., customer since 2018

Great communication and awesome personalities working in this office! Everyone is so friendly, polite and very easy going. They treat me as a person and not just a client. Highly recommended for any and all insurance needs!

Shawn C., customer since 2017

Great communication. Timely response. Answered any every question. Provided quotes quickly as our whole relocation process moved very quickly.

Tim C., customer since 2018

We love Laura & Cornerstone!! They are always available when we need them regardless of the time of day. We have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for insurance

Cassandra A., customer since 2018

Very friendly employees, great follow up.

Nicholas H., customer since 2004

You guys do a great job of taking care of anything we need and are quick to help. Thank you for everything you do!

Arne J., customer since 2005

You did everything right.

Kevin M., customer since 2018

I just know that you are taking care of my needs for good insurance on house and car. And also know I can call if I need help

Mary V., customer since 2009

Quick response, follow up, options, help

Roberta A., customer since 2015

I love the fact that I can call with any question and a person answers (without going thru 50 menus). And I feel like the team there cares about our needs and legitimately wants to help us!

Customer since 2006

Love the way you guys always answer the phone or email, ready and willing to drop everything and help get me the answers I need, fast. You give straight answers, and deliver personalized service every time. Purchasing (and using) insurance through a cold, faceless website could never compare to the fast and delightful customer experience I get with Cornerstone... and that's saying something, coming from a guy who designs software for a living!

Ryan S., customer since 2013

Great service and follow up by the whole team

Timothy V., customer since 2016


Ralph H., customer since 2010

I like the personal service giving by this company.

Scott G., customer since 2016

Every time I have a question, someone at Cornerstone is quick to respond! Customer service is always amazing!

Emily K., customer since 2015

We love Cornerstone! It’s refreshing to have someone to talk to should a question problem arise! The staff there is easy to work, professional, and always helpful!

Beth K., customer since 2015

Nice people!

Customer since 2009

Always there to help no matter what question or issue we have!

Customer September 2018

Cornerstone aways keeps us informed about changes in our policies and there're very easy to get a hold of if you have questions.

Customer since 2016

You made it super uncomplicated, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Customer since 2018

Doug Panner was wonderful to work with. He is prompt with answering our questions and service in the office is outstanding. We are able to get what we need in a timely manner and they are all very pleasurable to work with. I refer them out to anyone that is looking for their services.

Matthew R., customer since 2017

The team is always available to help answer questions and give me the best coverage for the best price.

Ross N., customer since 2016

Always attentive with quick turn-around and proactive when needed.

Customer since 2008

We have used Cornerstone since moving to Victoria and building our first house. The team has always been readily accessible, knowledgeable and the utmost professional.

Customer since 2014

Laura went the extra mile during a time of very complicated insurance needs while renting a house & building a new home. It's a relief to know that we've got such a great team on our side, so we can focus on the fun stuff! Thanks!

Customer since 1998

Cornerstone always has our best interests at heart, and is readily available to answer questions with immediacy. Very satisfied as their customer.

Diane M., customer since 2015

We've used Cornerstone for over 20 years. We have always been provided with prompt service and timely advice relative to our insurance needs.

Customer since 1993

Weve been customers for years. We love Cornerstone and their staff. They are always professional friendly and quick to respond. Great Personal customer service.

Lynne H., customer since 2015

Paid attention to our needs and desires

Eric R., customer since 2018

Always receive great customer service. Each time I call, I feel as if I'm their only customer. They are awesome.

Wayne W., customer since 2017

We have been with Cornerstone for over 15 years. Their customer service is outstanding and always representing our best interest with our insurance needs. Highly recommended.

John G., customer since 1996

Cornerstone folks are so efficient and professional. They are a pleasure to work with.

Paul S., customer since 2003

Everyone I talk with at cornerstone is immediately responsive to my request and very knowledgeable. Plus you guys are super fun!!

Joan J., customer since 2005

Your availability. Your attention to what companies are most reliable and have the best cost effective premioms.

James U., customer since 2002

We’re going to miss working with you! We wouldn’t even think about switching companies if we didn’t move. You do a great job, thank you for all the years of hard work!

Sarah P., customer since 2011

Always super helpful and great customer service! We love that you review and shop our insurance needs every year.

Customer since 2003

Super response time!!

Customer since 2017

So helpful! Always willing to go above and beyond in answering all my questions, no matter how simple they are. Quick response time is always appreciated as usually insurance matters are time sensitive.

Customer since 2014

Response time has always been great! Everyone is very friendly and ready to help. I have referred you guys to a few people and so far 2 have already moved to your company and are extremely happy as well!

Erin W., customer since 2008

Cornerstone is great about responding to questions, no matter how big or small!

Christopher R., customer since 2012

Great and timely follow up to questions and issues. Friendly and very approachable staff.

Customer since 2017

Easy to work with; feel like you are really watching out for us. Thanks!

Bret H., customer since 2007

Laura and staff are to notch and always making sure that their clients are receiving the best deals!

Joseph S., customer since 2013

We feel you are trustworthy and responsive to our questions and needs.

David W., customer since 2012

How do your insurance carrier rates compare to other carriers? Do you shop around for the best insurance service and costs? Should we have a yearly check up?

Steven F., customer since 2002

The staff at Cornerstone are fabulous. They are quick to respond when I need a change in my policy or need proof of insurance. They explain things in simple terms and shop around to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

Rae Ann P., customer since 2015

Cornerstone has provided great service at every turn, whether advice on coverage to help at claim time. They go the extra mile every time. Thanks!

Dan M., customer since 2013

You keep me informed of rate increases and how to lower our expenses without affecting our coverage or liability exposure.

Customer July 2018

We appreciate the fast responses to our insurance questions.

Elizabeth J., customer since 2014

Always very responsive to my needs!!!

Customer since 2013

Offered to make calls and coordinate with insurance companies so I wouldn’t have to! Thank you Erin!

Customer since 2016

Laura and her team’s customer service is 2nd to none. I was convinced from day one that Laura had our best interest in mind. I highly recommend shopping around for comparable quotes but would be very surprised if a there is another agent out there that services their customer better than Laura and her team!

Customer since 2017

Very detailed and always available by phone or email lots of hustle from everyone at Cornerstone.

Melanie P., customer since 2011

All around solid service.

Ann H. July 2018

Personal service - always get a cheerful person on the phone. Quick and knowledgeable.

Customer July 2018

Cornerstone has been looking after our insurance needs for over 20 years. They've become our 'trusted advisor' and have cheerfully and efficiently helped us with policy questions, claim handling and proactive reviews to make sure we have the most effective coverage for our current situation. That's why we keep coming back!

David E. July 2018

I really appreciate the way you took over for Bob Buehler and helped me with the insurance on my new car and also while I was trying to sell my previous car. It was a great experience.

Roger T. July 2018

Always great customer service.

Customer July 2018

Excellent customer service and always looking to get me the best deal on insurance

Chad O., customer since 2011

You guys always return my calls quickly and always looking out for us.

Customer since 2004

You guys are always there when we need you!

Sonia N., customer since 2017

I've always gotten top-notch customer service from your company, and have never been disappointed.

Customer since 2002

Timely responses and great customer service!

Customer since 2014

The staff is always responsive & very friendly. They have always looked out for what plan would be in our best interest. I am grateful for such a wonderful team!

Customer since 2009

Fantastic customer service, super easy to contact when we needed to change things on our policy. Saved us a bunch of money on our rates as compared to Allstate our previous insurance.

John B., customer since 2017

Very responsive, thorough, and truly feel like they have our best interest in mind. Very happy with the services we have received from Cornerstone Insurance.

Aaron S., customer since 2016

You respond to all questions very quickly and thoroughly. I do however worry about premium creeping up.

Customer since 2015

Service and information was timely and accurate. Thank you.

James F., customer since 2017

Laura and her team are absolutely amazing, they excel in every-level of customer service while providing great insurance rates and coverage. There is no need to shop anywhere else.

John W., customer since 2001

Luckily I haven’t needed to contact for any claims.

Sarah T., customer since 2016

Calls were made for me while I was not happy with myself to get car unlocked. Looked up coverage and was told I was covered... which relieved stress. Also handled pontoon update very well. Dan Johnson

Customer since 2005

Great rates, fast at responding

Steffen R., customer since 2016

We have done business for many years. We trust you. Through multiple kids, cars and houses you have made insurance easy with the right products at the right time, and excellent service during the trying events where we needed our insurance. We like your annual check-ups/check-ins. Thanks.

Customer since 2007

We have always had positive experiences with Cornerstone. Great people and great products.

Elizabeth S., customer since 2006

Cornerstone has always provided great customer service and was able to find me very competitive rates!

Customer since 2014

Great customer service with a auto claim ! Same day service from auto insurance claims after agency called them for me.

Customer since 2008

Laura is easy to work with, responsive and happily answers all of our questions. And she knows when she needs to follow up, sometimes questions/requests fall off our radar and we need a gentle nudge to follow up.

Customer since 2006

Cornerstone has been very friendly and they always find answers to my questions. It's a great place to do business.

Customer since 2012

You are always there to answer any questions in a timely manner and have a wealth of knowledge, We both feel we are in good hands with Laura and her team.

Eli L., customer since 2015

Cornerstone always does a great job of shopping for the best deals for us and taking care of all our needs. If we ever have an issue with the house, we call Laura & she always walks us through the process and gives us names of service people to call. The team always goes a step beyond and they are so great to work with. Thank you Cornerstone! Rod & Nancy Bubke

Rodney B., customer since 2007

Helpful with suggestions to save on premium yet good coverage.

Customer since 2000

The great professionals at Cornerstone have provided all our insurance needs without a hiccup since 2005. Excellent customer service striving to search for best coverage at the best price. All my claims fir car, docks, RV were handle promptly to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Cornerstone Insurance. Mary and Kelly Conger. Pine River,MN

Kelly C., customer since 2005

Always answer my questions. Check in every year. Just a great relationship.

Todd G., customer since 2007

You actually keep us up to speed on all our documents and deadlines.

James F., customer since 2016

Correspondence and policy mailings. Otherwise, fortunately because of no accident involvement, we have had no needed correspondence. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, that will continue. Hopefully by stating that, I have not put a curse on us.

Customer since 2006

Good people...always willing to help and go the extra mile to make things right and answer all my questions!

Customer since 2016

Prompt response to questions and always, cheerful voices!

Customer since 2007

I have had the pleasure of working with everyone at the Cornerstone agency. Each and every time they are courteous, friendly, and efficient. Doug saved us money, and provided us with better coverage at the same time. I like how they can shop between the different companies they represent to give you the best possible solution for your needs. I have, and will continue to recommended Cornerstone to friends and family without hesitation.

Jim J., customer since 2016

We have been with 3 insurance companies in the past 30 years. The first one was great until the owner transitioned it to his son, who never interacted with us and explained the regular household rate increases by saying "everything goes up in cost". We then tried a National firm, that was so detached from us as a client, that they didn't even have certain requested coverage's and drivers listed! (plus their documents were so cryptic, we couldn't even understand what we were paying for) Then we met Laura and Cornerstone. Hands on, explained everything, yearly reviewing our policies for the best cost savings/coverage balance, and instant followups. She told me "If something happens, you call me, and we will work through the insurance provider". Not the "here's the 1-800 number on a card"... Recently, my college daughter needed immediate renters insurance when signing a lease. I gave her Laura's number, and simply said "Laura will take care of it". In minutes, it was taken care of. That is why I work with Laura and Cornerstone...

Kelley J., customer since 2016

You all are so kind, knowledgeable and prompt in responding to our questions and/or needs. Thank u for providing top-notch service!

Abby S., customer since 2015

Proactive communication. Service oriented. Please note that I accidentally hit 0 on my last survey simply because I was scrolling down to 10. 10 is accurate NOT 0.

Customer since 2017

World Class Service, People, and Pricing.

Customer since 2005

They made the process of switching insurance easy, quick and were able to save us money. The staff is friendly and provides great customer service.

Meghann L., customer since 2017

I have been with Cornerstone Insurance agency for years. I have been very happy with their service and personal attention. They make me feel like I am their only client!

Jeffrey W., customer since 2008

I have been very happy with the service we have received from Cornerstone. When we had storm damage, they were immediately there to help us out and calm our nerves. They make sure we are getting the best service for the best price. If someone asks if I know of a good insurance company and agent, I don't hesitate giving out Laura's name and number.

Ray N., customer since 2006

Always willing to price shop if we feel premiums are increasing too much. Also, when we left, provided a very detailed explanation as to the benefits we might be leaving on the table and why those were important. Ultimately, came back with coverage that was more extensive and right around the same cost.

Customer since 2008

Excellent customer care over phone calls and trust knowing that you are getting me the cheapest possible insurance for who I am. Thank you!

Customer since 2014

Promptly returning calls, being friendly and knowledgeable, always look ok’ing that we get the best rate.

Debalee B., customer since 2009

The team has always been very responsive to our questions and anticipates needs well. Thank you!

Customer since 2012

Doug Panner (our agent), Teresa O'Neill and the support staff at Cornerstone have been wonderful in answering any questions we have and getting things updated when we need them. In addition, they assisted us heavily when we were getting started with our new insurance, which they could have easily told us to talk with the insurance carrier but took the time to ensure we were informed and set up right. We appreciate everything that Doug and the team at Cornerstone have done to make buying our property and auto insurance a hassle-free experience.

Matthew R., customer since 2017

Initially you got us a great rate on car and home insurance. Each year when our policies renew I also like that you are reviewing our needs to make sure we are still getting the best rates available.

Customer since 2015

We love working with Cornerstone. They are very responsive and have our best interests in mind when dealing with all of our insurance needs. I would recommend them to anyone for home, auto, boat, and any other needs.

Scott L., customer since 1999

You are always there to help and quick to respond to questions or concerns we have!

Joseph R., customer since 2012

I like the way you keep an eye on my coverages and let me know what to do to battle rate increases.

Michael B., customer since 2010

I have been nothing but completely satisfied with the service I have received from Cornerstone! I highly recommend!!

Susan L. May 2018

You are all very helpful and kind. I enjoy your business.

Customer since 2001

Very professional service and always trying to find the best solution for the client. Thank you.

Patrick K., customer since 2004

Friendly staff that is always personable.

Michael F., customer since 2015

Always the best service!

Ross N., customer since 2016

Laura reviewed my insurance and found ways to save me money while keeping and improving my coverage. I'm so glad I switched to Cornerstone!

Joseph L., customer since 2016

We are very happy with Cornerstone. I would recommend who cares about good service with affordable price.

Amy D., customer since 2010

No issues at all. We are very happy with Cornerstone and their service. They respond quickly when we have questions.

Customer since 2012

Doug took time with us and reviewed all our policies from past to present and saved us Money!!!

Customer since 2016

Dave patiently waited 11 months after his first contact to follow up when my previous policy was expiring. You've represented OUR (insured) interests well as a go-between for the underwriters. You know my name. You know your business. Your prices are competitive, but mostly, your service is OUTSTANDING!!

Randall S., customer since 2001

Prompt response time to any inquiries. We feel Cornerstone Insurance has our best interest at heart and annually searches for the best rates possible!

Customer since 2003

Laura and her staff have always been great to work with. We appreciate the dedication they give to the customers and keeping in touch with us about our policies to keep us updated. I would highly recommend Laura and her staff to anybody!

David P., customer since 2003

Cornerstone always keeps me informed and up to date on my insurance policies, and I have had consistently excellent feedback from people that I have referred to Cornerstone. They are the best!

Gary O., customer since 2004

I know that Cornerstone compares my policies against competition a recommends changes when beneficial.

Bruce B., customer since 1996

You have always taken the initiative to find a better product at a more reasonable rate.

Customer since 2007

Very responsive whenever I call. Never have to leave a message and wait for a call back.

Customer since 1994

We always receive prompt service from everyone at Cornerstone. They are extremely helpful and friendly and always answer any questions or have a solution to an issue in a timely manner. I always recommend to anyone that is looking for a new insurance agency.

Jason B., customer since 2016

They are thoroughly professional, taking the time to answer all your questions ... and they can shop to find the best coverage for you.

Dave W., customer since 2015

Great customer service!!

Molly D., customer since 2014

We always feel like you are looking out for our best interests and are well informed. We especially appreciate it when you take the initiative to suggest something for us

Customer since 2004

You have always been supportive, informative and quickly respond with the information we are looking for. We appreciate the quality of service you have provided our family with and would certainly recommend you to family and friends.

Douglas L., customer since 2005

When we were buying our home, Laura met with us to discuss the ins and outs of insurance on both our new home and our cars. She helped us increase and decrease certain aspects of our car insurance to save money on things that weren't a priority but also to be sure we were protected from potential liabilities. She answered all our questions with great insight and patience. Also, recently they helped us determine the extra insurance costs of buying a new/used car so that we could have a better picture of the actual cost of upgrading our vehicle. Ultimately we decided to hold off for a few more years but the aid we received from Cornerstone was invaluable in that analysis.

Jade H., customer since 2016

Dave went above and beyond to make my policy happen. He rocks!

Brayan S., customer since 2017

Great service, quick response to any questions.

Debi T., customer since 2008

Everyone I have spoken to is so nice. You return calls promptly and make time to explain things.

Customer since 2015

Cornerstone has always provided me with excellent & knowledgeable customer service. I would recommend Cornerstone to anyone for their insurance needs.

Patrick K., customer since 2004

Love the service, updates, check-ins. Appreciate all you do.

Todd L., customer since 2015

Firstly we saved several hundred dollars when we moved our insurances to Cornerstone. Thank you for always being there to take my calls and answer our many questions regarding teen drivers and for the super fast resolution on some damaged jewelry.

Customer since 2015

I have been happy with theservces I've recieved and always found you to be honest and working for my best interests. I have been esoecially happy with the service my son has gotten lately.

Michael H., customer since 1993

The support staff at Cornerstone is great. Fortunately we haven't had to use them for many claims, but are always helpful, clear and concise, and don't complain when we call asking a dumb question. Oh, and Doug is ok as well.

Todd M., customer since 2016

Awesome service top to bottom!

Brandon B., customer since 2004

Always easy to make changes to my policy.

Luke A., customer since 2009

Very responsive Always shops for the best deal.

Customer since 2001

Response time to inquiries and requests is always very fast, and putting the customer first is evident in every interaction. This includes making sure that we're always covered to the fullest extent that makes sense for our specific circumstances. And the professional level of counsel we receive at every turn is top notch. Laura and her team really know their stuff! We've been customers for years.... life, home, auto, everything. We would never dream of doing our business with anyone else.

Customer since 2015

Fast curtious service. Laura and the Gang really now what they are doing. Eazy to work with.

Customer since 2005

Dave, Laura and the team have provided us with quick and easy to understand insurance support for many years now covering all of our insurance needs. They work hard to provide the best insurance solutions. I strongly recommend them! Thank you, Dave Backen

David B., customer since 1999

Professional attitude and knowledgeable staff

Customer April 2018

We stick with Cornerstone because we have developed a trusted relationship with Laura spanning over 20 years. Every once in a while we shop competitors, but they cannot beat the rates we currently have at Cornerstone.

Don T., customer since 1995

The staff at Cornerstone exemplify personal service. I call and they know me - I trust their advice and place a high value on the the service they provide.

Michael M., customer since 2004

It’s hard to keep up with various insurance companies and determine what is best for our needs. Cornerstone has done a fantastic job of providing assistance in comparing the options. It has made our lives easier and we have been very satisfied.

Customer since 2002

We love Cornerstone because on an annual basis they review our coverage and let us know if we are getting the best deal.

Thomas L., customer since 2003

Very personable and friendly service. Took the time to explain things and talked to us in an un-intimidating way.

Customer since 2017

We always recommend people to come and at least get quotes from you - thanks for all you do for us!!!!

Todd T., customer since 2012

Always accessible to ask a question Practical and real world options and trade off conversations Prompt service

Dorn S., customer since 2004

We really appreciate all your efforts to hunt for a good life insurance rate.

Dawn M., customer since 2014

Cornerstone agency provides wonderful service for their customers. Returning phone calls, helping with claims all the staff is great.

Kathy M., customer since 2015

Holiday cards, checking rates for me every year to make sure I still have a good deal

Customer since 2009

Really good at responding to emails. Do a good job in periodically reviewing polices for alternatives.

Customer since 2008

We appreciate working with a quality and honest insurance company... thank YOU.

Customer since 2016

Been with Cornerstone for over 10 years. Very happy with their service.

Customer since 2005

Cornerstone stays in constant contact with us. They always offer us opportunities to adjust to our needs. They are courteous, polite, thoughtful, and easy to work with.

Customer since 2018

Cornerstone has always been very helpful in dealing with my insurance needs. They are always there to answer my questions; no long waits on hold to talk to someone. I feel I always get the best price for my insurance needs.

Vicki W., customer since 1994

Very quickly resolved an issue with my auto co was pending for almost 6 mo.

James N., customer since 2016

Awesome service and very good pricing

Kevin M., customer since 2018

You've been there to answer questions for us.....You've been a good sounding block for us.....Would like you to be more persistent in encouraging us to meet with you at least annually to update our situation, etc.

Customer since 2015

Prompt response. Answer questions even if that doesn’t lead to immediate business . We have already referred you to family and friends multiple times

Roberta A., customer since 2015

We enjoy knowing that when we have a question you guys are right there to help, and will answer the phone directly. We also appreciate the advice and knowledge of the industry that you impart to us to help us make the right coverage decisions for our family.

Chad C., customer since 2006

Laura and the team at Cornerstone make sure that everything I need to know about insurance is easy and understandable. My phone calls are quickly returned with answers and solutions. I am grateful to have such a reliable group assisting me with all of my insurance needs. Midge

Margene B. April 2018

Cornerstone works with reputable insurance companies yet they manage to get very competitive rates for insurance products. We appreciate very quick response to all questions.

Larisa H., customer since 2016

I love the fact that Doug is so personable. He meets you at your home where YOU feel comfortable. He educates you in a very unbiased way to help you get the best possible coverage you can for the best price. He doesn't pressure you. He is very genuine and honest and has a high level of integrity! I would highly recommend Doug to any of my friends, family and clients!

Kim G., customer since 2018

You make things very simple for me to understand and are always available to answer questions and help me get what I need. Thank you!

Bryan G., customer since 2015

We have been customers for years....always friendly and willing to help. Very quick service.

Customer April 2018

Just please keep doing what you do. Myself and entire staff and clients all appreciate your and entire teams hard work! In seventeen years of working with insurance companies you have set the bar and continue to do so.

Thomas J., customer since 2016

I like the prompt and personal service on my insurance accounts.

Customer since 2009

You are very fast in responding to particular needs, very efficient !

Annette N., customer since 2017

We have been customers of Cornerstone Insurance for many years. They have always made sure that we have the best coverage at an affordable price.

Customer since 1996

Initially you found us equivilent coverage at a substatially lower cost. Since then as our needs have changed you have kept our coverage optimised for our needs. You reach out around renewal time to discuss any opportunities, you are always available to answer questions timely.

Daniel F., customer since 2011

I got nothing, Laura is Queen. Cornerstone Rocks!

David C., customer since 2016

I have been a client of Cornerstone for many years and have always found them quick to answer any questions I have had. I feel they have always offered me the best insurance for my money and review the options available often. When I have had a claim it has been handled quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Michael H., customer since 1993

Cornerstone has covered our insurance needs for a couple of decades. First Dave, then Laura and more recently Teresa have been our agents. We feel they are always looking out for us; researching better coverage for our specific needs and quickly answering our questions on anything related to our insurance. They have earned our trust as well as our business. We recommend them to anyone who asks. Gary & Lane B.

Gary B., customer since 1994

Thanks to cornerstone insurance, they are very helpful everytime I call. We have been with them for over 15 years, and is always looking out for us and making sure we get the best deal out there.

Gordon W., customer since 2004

Always on top of getting us the best coverage for the best price. They do the 'shopping' for us!

R S., customer since 1994

Cornerstone has called me to let me know they reshop me and several times have found me better coverage for less. One time it changed my insurance 2 days before my car started on fire and I was able to replace my car with almost the identical car

Ann O., customer since 1997

We have been with Cornerstone Insurance Agency for as long as I can remember, and have never thought of leaving. The service they provide is exceptional. The pricing of their products are always competitive. Laura is very mindful of reviewing our policies and making sure we are properly covered at a reasonable price. If we do have a claim, Laura and her team are always very helpful in getting a timely resolution. Friendly, personable staff. We highly recommend Cornerstone..

Jim J., customer since 2001

I am happy to provide this testimonial for Cornerstone Insurance Agency and Laura O'Neill. They quoted our automobile & homeowners insurances, and of course, we were skeptical that they could do any better than our current provider. Boy were we wrong. They provided us with a very detailed quote and options to fit our specific needs, which we've never had before. Laura is a terrific owner/agent who always kept us apprised of what actions needed to be taken care of. Laura is very mindful of customer satisfaction and even came to our home to process the paperwork. They are also an organization that gives back to their community, a trait we find highly commendable.

Customer since 2003

Customer since 2004

your service is the very best. your staff is more than friendly and always there to help. keep up the good work.

Ralph H., customer since 2010

We have been customers with Cornerstone for a long time, over 10 years. We have been pleased with everyone's knowledge and responsiveness. We would highly recommend them!

Customer since 2002

Cornerstone listened to our needs and found a great fit for home and auto insurance. They have so many great options and you always feel like a valued customer with Cornerstone.

Philip P., customer since 2016

They work to get us the best insurance value. Quickly answer our questions and explain things clearly. Very good to work with.

Bob J., customer since 2002

We've been very pleased with Cornerstone Insurance. They have always researched and gotten us the lowest price for Home & Auto Insurance AND with very good coverage. We thank them for their vigilance.

Steve R., customer since 1994

We have been with Cornerstone for many years. They have always been extremely helpful and easy to work with whenever we have a need. The one time we had a property damage claim the Cornerstone team was right there to assist to make it as easy as possible to navigate the process. As our needs have changed over time the Cornerstone team has provided valuable assistance for our insurance needs for our homes and vehicles.

Timothy B., customer since 1998

The entire process was so easy and painless that I feel dumb for not doing this sooner. You all made it very stress free and would recommend to anyone.

Jay A., customer since 2018

You are way more on top of things than I am at times. You call and email when things are getting close to being due and you have seen I have not paid yet. The reach out has been much appreciated many times. You are timely with answers to questions. All the staff I’ve worked with are kind and respectful.

Rachel K., customer since 2013

Quick to respond!

Customer since 2015

Willing to work with new customer schedules. Always helpful when asked questions on insuring new vehicles/ cancelling old policies.

Customer since 2015

Always available to answer questions and good rates.

Steve S., customer since 2016

Remind people with personal contact for payment vs phone, take time to explain things over email & phone, seem like super nice & chill & respectful people

Customer since 2017

You all are an amazing Insurance Company!!! You are professional, my advocate, knowledgeable always of thinking of how you can help me be better. More importantly, you are always trying to save me money too. Who does this anymore, except for Cornerstone... You are an insurance agent that anyone can trust....

JR C. March 2018

They are awesome, we moved out of the area and had to change insurance providers.

John W. March 2018

You do a great job being proactive with updates and information and whenever I need something you always have a timely answer.

Michael J. March 2018

Always available, and great attitudes.

Customer March 2018

1. Shop various insurance providers to get me the best cost to meet my needs. 2. Provide candid, honest answers basis your experience in the insurance industry. 3. Timely response to my questions. 4. Great advice when confronted with claims, in terms of recommended contractors. 5. Local office in Victoria, not just some virtual office in another city or state. I can meet with an agent if I so choose. 6. Can meet my diverse variety of insurance needs, including home, auto, rec vehicles, life, and work related liability. 7. You are likeable people, and that means a ton.

Thomas K. March 2018

They did a great job answering questions and working directly with bank to get escrow questions resolved.

Customer since 2018

Cornerstone has always completely satisfied our insurance needs.

Gregory A. March 2018

Every time we call you answer and take care of us.

Thomas G. March 2018

Very responsive when we have any questions. We feel very confident and comfortable that our personal best interest a top priority.

Customer March 2018

You are personable and you never can beat a hand written thank you

Ryan M., customer since 2018

Just about everything! I did, in fact, recommend you to my daughter and son-in-law. Brittany and Adam Mikelson.

Jay N. March 2018

You guys keep in touch with us more than any other insurance provider we’ve ever had. I love that you shop our insurance to ensure we’re getting the best rate for what we need. The only reason it was a 9 and not a 10 is because it always bothers me when we’ve had no issues driving, our cars are aging, and our rate goes up. I understand that it’s a bit out of your control however it still doesn’t seem to make sense.

Matthew D. March 2018

Every time I have a question, whoever take my call is fast and thorough. They understand my question and provide a complete answer. What more could I ask for?

Gwen H. March 2018

Cornerstone is not a "one size fits all' insurance plan , but rather brokers working diligently to get MY family the best coverage at the best price. As my family needs have changed over the years ( i.e.- teenage drivers), my insurance plan has changed too. But Cornerstone Insurance and their courteous, knowledgable staff has consistently been there to help guide me and answer any questions.

Customer March 2018

Laura and the Cornerstone team are fantastic. One day I received a knock on the door telling me that my husband's car was totaled after hitting a sign while driving on icy roads, and he had been taken to the hospital. He died later that day from his injuries. As my world fell apart, Laura was the only one who had good news for me. I found out that his life insurance had lapsed, which led to decisions to surrender our home, then declare bankruptcy. The auto policies Laura had put in place were exactly what a new widow would want them to be. Those, seemingly meager, funds are what sustained me for many months as I navigated through the unfamiliar territory of losing a spouse. As the years passed, and my credit has slowly climbed, Laura has kept watch and has often moved my remaining assets into better policies, with more coverage, at better prices. After 15 years, I trust Cornerstone Agency, Laura and her team with all my insurance needs.

Customer March 2018

Great response previously when I was rear ended by a texting driver. I appreciated the review of my insurance and the suggestion to switch insurers which saved me significant $

Customer March 2018

The Cornerstone team has always responded quickly and provided helpful information whenever we have had questions.

Customer March 2018

Informed, proactive, accessible, concerned

Customer March 2018

Outstanding personable service!

Michael K. March 2018

Whenever we call you are always so pleasant to talk to and always answer any questions we have

Dan O. March 2018

Friendly, attentive, responsive to requests or questions, thorough

Customer March 2018

Responsive and helpful service and advice when we experienced major home damage due to burst pipes 3 years ago -including immediate and emergency referrals to a restoration company and a critical intervention with insurance company when the project stalled.

Dennis S. March 2018

Awesome service, prompt response

Ravinder J. March 2018