Did you know that if you are not driving your vehicle for a long period of time, you can take most of the coverage off and save some money? Here at Cornerstone we are happy to put your vehicle into storage for you!

When you should put a vehicle into storage? When it is not being driven for more than a month at a time (e.g. the convertible that gets put to sleep every winter). Make sure that no one has access to the car, and that no one drives it. We recommend sticking a note on the driver’s seat reminding you to call us before you drive it again.

What coverage stays on while a vehicle is in storage? If the car is not being driven you don’t need liability insurance because you won’t be crashing into anyone or anything. What coverage is left? “Comp” coverage-this keeps the car covered for things like fire, wind, theft, vandalism even though it is being parked.

How can I put the coverage back on? A simple call or Cornerstone letting us know you want to “reinstate full coverage” is all you need to do!


If you have any other questions on how this works, please contact us here at 952-448-5028.

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