Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

When a home is empty, it becomes an ideal target for criminals. Here are a few steps that you can take to keep your home safer:

  1. Buy a light switch timer: Your electric bill could get pretty big if you leave the lights on all day, buying a switch timer that will turn the lights off and on during the day and night gives a better impression that people are home.
  2. Try to avoid posting on social media: The classic check-in at the airport or photos of an exotic location are dead give-aways. Try to wait to post until you are home.
  3. Ask a neighbor, friend or relative to look in: They can get your mail from the mailbox or door, check that no major issues occurred, and even water the plants!
  4. Double check all windows and doors: Don’t forget the garage service side door, the upstairs windows, or the downstairs patio door. Double checking all of these will give you great peace of mind!
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