• Do you have a home business? People make and sell things on Etsy, teach guitar lessons, babysit dogs at their house, or even meal prep for others. As soon as these side businesses start to earn an income it is time for business insurance! Imagine if the dog you are sitting bites the neighbor kid, your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover you for that. Give us a call to look at buying a business owners policy.
  • Did you buy something motorized? E-bikes, scooters, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and even those go-carts for kids need to have insurance. If you recently bought something with a motor, you better give us a call!
  • Did you remodel your house? Anytime you add square footage, a deck, solar panels, or update a kitchen you should give us a call. We want to walk you through how much we need to replace your house if something happens to it!
  • Is there a new driver in your house? Whether a niece moved in, a roommate moved out, or your 16 year-old got their license your insurance company needs to know. Any licensed driver living in your house needs to be listed on your policy, even if they never drive your car. Even if they have their own car and their own insurance!
  • Do you have any smart alarms? There are new alarms out there like water leak sensors that will shut off the water for you, smart smoke detectors that send you a text when your smoke alarms go off, and motion detecting cameras that notify smart phones of potential home intrusions. If you have any of these, call us and see if your company gives a discount for that!
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