All of the insurance companies we represent have taken some steps to help clients in these challenging times.

First – most of our carriers have been extremely lenient on billing for the past two months – if you can’t afford to pay your insurance premium right now, please call us. We can find solutions like pushing your payment out, waiving late fees, etc. Call the office if you need help.

Second – no one is driving nearly as much as they typically do, so they have decided to give a credit or refund to their clients for April and May’s car insurance premiums. This is their way of offering relief. Some companies have not received approval from the state of MN yet, so you might not see this credit or refund for a couple of weeks, but it’s coming – that’s for sure!

Also – several of our companies are doing really cool things right now. Progressive and Travelers have both donated millions of dollars to help those people in impoverished areas, donating to food banks, helping with first responders and more. Progressive is even offering a free meal to all of their clients who are first responders.

As you’ve heard – we’re all in this together. We’re proud to see our companies step-up and do the right thing. If you need some help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. That’s why you have an agent – we’re here for you! From all of us at Cornerstone – we hope you and your family are healthy and happy – we’ll get through this together! Visit us at or call us at (952) 448-5028. Thank you so much for your continued business – we truly appreciate it!

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