There are so many things to consider as a first-time home buyer, and so many new concepts to learn. It’s a bit overwhelming to think about how to get what you want, save yourself money, make sure the house is in good condition, and something you can afford!

Here are a few tips from us to consider when you are about to take the plunge:

  • Don’t pass up the home inspection
    • Hire a trained, certified home inspector and have them check out the home even if it is new construction. You want to know about every potential issue before you buy so you can negotiate with the seller or not buy at all
  • Make sure you and your realtor have checked out the comparable homes in the area so your offer is on track
  • Negotiate credits and closing costs
    • If the home has a water heater that is 20 years old ask for a credit for that. You could ask for the seller to pay the closing costs, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Get the paperwork for the utilities in the new house
    • This way you will know how old the furnace is and if the problems are still covered under warranty
  • Keep a sharp eye out on your final walk-through
    • Now that all the furniture is out, is there any damage that was hidden before? Did the previous owner leave anything behind?

Most likely it will be an overwhelming process, but if you do your homework your closing will be a great day!

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